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Een Consultative Seller? Wat is dat voor ding?

20 februari 2012, by Erik Wolterink, category Archief, salestips, Verkoopstijl, waardepropositie

Verkopers hebben nog steeds een slecht imago. En dat is hun eigen schuld. Te veel verkopers proberen nog steeds hun klant te overtuigen, bezwaren weg te redeneren, en zo snel mogelijk de order te krijgen.

Wat kan een verkoper doen om toch de order te krijgen, en niet als ‘gladde jongen’ gezien te worden? Welke vaardigheden moet je ontwikkelen om niet alleen omzet-technisch maar ook sociaal succesvol te zijn?

De eerste vaardigheid daarvoor is de kunst van het diagnosticeren: we zullen in staat moeten zijn het probleem van de klant te begrijpen. Als je dat kunt zal je klant je meer gaan zien als business partner. Begrip van het probleem van de klant is essentieel voor een succesvol salesproces.

Klanten kunnen meer dan vroeger kiezen uit meerdere aanbieders die allemaal een eigen oplossing voor het klantprobleem hebben. Iedere oplossing heeft een eigen waarde, en eigen resultaten. Je moet in staat zijn je klant de waarde van jouw oplossing te laten zien. Daarvoor is het nodig om te kunnen onderhandelen. Het gaat bij dit onderhandelen niet om prijs of leveringsvoorwaarden, maar om vertrouwen: door de inzichten van de klant op waarde te schatten en te accepteren dat je klant gelijk heeft krijgt je klant vertrouwen.

Er zijn meer salesmensen die kunnen diagnosticeren en onderhandelen. Om jezelf of je oplossing dan goed voor het voetlicht te krijgen moet je differentiëren: wat je ook doet, doe het anders dan je concurrent. Alleen dan kun jij je echt onderscheiden van al die anderen.

Dat klinkt logisch en eenvoudig: als ik al die eigenschappen heb en kan toepassen, word ik succesvol. Was het maar zo eenvoudig….

Er is een eigenschap die nog belangrijker is: inzicht. Alleen de verkoper die inzicht heeft in de problematiek van zijn prospect wordt echt succesvol. Alleen hij kan zijn klant helpen betere resultaten te boeken.

Natuurlijk is het essentieel om je product te kennen als je broekzak, om het probleem van je klant te kennen, en om jouw oplossing te kunnen presenteren. Maar nog belangrijker is RESULTAAT. De nieuwe verkoper gaat een stap verder dan ‘oplossingen’: hij biedt resultaat.

Om de resultaten van je klant te verbeteren moet je inzicht hebben in zijn problemen, processen en organisatie. Vaak moeten veranderingen doorgevoerd worden in meerdere delen van de bedrijfsvoering van de klant om resultaat te kunnen boeken.

De verkoper ‘van vandaag’ initieert, helpt, geeft raad bij die veranderingen. Hij orkestreert. Zowel binnen de organisatie van de klant als in zijn eigen bedrijf. Hij zorgt ervoor dat zijn klant in staat gesteld wordt zijn oplossing in te voeren en toe te passen. En dat zijn oplossing toegespitst wordt op het bereiken van resultaat. Zo’n verkoper is een consultative seller.

De consultative seller boekt meer dan orders. Hij boekt resultaten. Niet alleen voor zijn eigen organisatie, maar ook en vooral voor zijn klant. Daar waar hij kan helpt hij zijn klant resultaten te boeken. Soms intern, soms extern. De verkoper die dat doet, is succesvol.

Vragen? Opmerkingen? Bel of mail me.

Met dank aan Anthony Iannarino, die me met zijn Salesblog steeds weer weet te inspireren.

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  1. Erik Wolterink |

    Met dank aan Anne Lamers ( voor de feedback. Ga ik zeer binnenkort wat mee doen, en dan zal er minder verwarring bestaan over ‘suspect/prospect/klant’ en al die andere soms verwarring zaaiende sales-begrippen.

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    r DARDANELLE — Sand Lizards head coach Josh Price knew the Hamburg Lions would be a test going into Friday’s Class 4A state playoff game at Keenan Field.He wasn’t wrong, but it was a test the Sand Lizards passed 28-14.“My hat’s off to them (Lions). They’re very good. They came as advertised. I’m extremely proud of our kids for stepping up and playing with them,” Price said.Amid two interceptions — one from Chris Kershner and another from Parker Witt — and a myriad of long runs by Sand Lizards quarterback Kristian Thompson, Price said Michael Dugan came away with the most critical play.“The key play and the MVP was Michael, when he ran their quarterback down from behind on the 2-yard line, and then they don’t get in. Plays like that are the difference in the game,” Price said.The play came in the fourth quarter. The Sand Lizards (12-0) had just established a 21-14 lead, and the Lions (8-4) broke free 83 yards on a keeper. Dugan’s shoestring tackle saved the touchdown and Dardanelle’s stout defense did the rest.Hamburg went for it on fourth down, but came up with an incomplete pass.“They lined up in sets that we matched up with real well,” Price said of his team’s wall-like defense in the red zone. “Plus, they can’t throw it over your head when you’re on the 10-yard line.”At first it looked like standard Sand Lizards football — Dardanelle romped ahead 14-0 with 1:18 left in the first quarter.But the second quarter belonged to the Lions. Hamburg showed flashes of what was to come in the first quarter, with drives that included 20-yard carries and a fourth-and-one attempt that was stopped short by the Sand Lizards.Dardanelle opened the scoring with a 35-yard connection between Thompson and Witt on a drive that included another toss to Gerardo Hernandez for another 15 yards. Hernandez added the PAT to put Dardanelle ahead 7-0 with 7:15 left in the first.The Sand Lizards stifled another Lions drive then marched 90 yards in five plays to establish a two-score lead. Thompson tore of 43 yards on a keeper, then popped it across the goal line from 1-yard out to make it 14-0 after the PAT. Hamburg launched a deep pass that was almost intercepted by Turner Partin, then another that went in and out of the hands of a Dardanelle defender — otherwise the Lions moved the ball on the ground. Hamburg went 59 yards in 12 plays for a TD, then after forcing the Sand Lizards to go three-and-out, broke free on a 55-yard run.The Sand Lizards held the Lions on the 2-yard line for two plays before they finally scored to make it 14-14 after the PAT.It was the first time all season Dardanelle had entered halftime without the lead.“I just told the kids that they were either going to make big plays or we were going to lose,” Price said. “And that’s just what we did.”The Sand Lizards scored their third touchdown on an 80-yard, seven-play drive that was kept alive by a pass interference penalty on Hamburg. Thompson grabbed the TD from 15 yards out.Dardanelle scored again with 4:44 left in the fourth quarter on a 6-yard carry by Tucker, and Witt’s interception on the next Lions drive destroyed any chance of a Hamburg comeback.Thompson finished the night 7-of-12 with 74 yards passing. He rushed 19 times for 204 yards three touchdowns. Tucker rushed for 69 yards and a touchdown.The Sand Lizards will travel to Nashville next week to take on the Scrappers in round three of the Class 4A state playoffs. Nashville beat Prairie Grove 49-32 on Friday. Next week’s kickoff is set for 7 p.m. . of is one of the activists locking down BART in West Oakland
    11/30/2014 04:51:18 PM MSTClick photo to enlargeFILE – In this Dec. 2, 2013, file photo, employees work the shelves along the miles of aisles at an Fulfillment Center on Cyber Monday , the Monday after Thanksgiving and the busiest online shopping day of the holiday season, in Phoenix. Millions of Americans are expected to log on and keep shopping on Monday, Dec. 1, 2014, the day dubbed Cyber Monday. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File) louis vuitton online My family and I strongly urge the Seminole City Council to take another look and support the Greenlight Pinellas plan to move our county forward. t louis vuitton outlet store online
    Helped more than 5.1 million people with Medicare save over $3.2 billion| en espaГ±ol. William Henry Allen, 94, of Rehoboth Beach, passed away peacefully at home Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014, surrounded by his loving family. He was born May 16, 1920, in Baltimore, Md., son of the late Irene Hand and Grover Cleveland Allen.
    c Panem, with its great inequalities of wealth and power, is used as a model for everything: If we don’t raise the minimum wage, we’re Panem. If we don’t reduce the size and wealth of the federal government, we’re Panem. The Hunger Games is a warning about the consequences of inaction on climate change. No, it’s a warning about disasters that await if our response to climate change is more central planning. Still, Crosby and his players are continuing to prepare for the championship game. p
    - Davis Palmer canada goose outlet online Littles’ 72nd09/27/2014 06:39 PM PDT – EUREKA Dude and Jean Little celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary on Sept. 17, 2014, at home with their family.
    Hughes needed CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after he collapsed at the Sydney Cricket Ground when he was struck in the back of the head by a short-pitched delivery. moncler jacket What I usually start doing six months before theGames, here I started two months before, he said. g coach outlet store
    But Braden said that she may have started feeling off on October 11, and investigators couldn’t rule out her illness starting the previous day — when she flew from Texas to Ohio. cheap uggs В· Twitter –
    } mulberry bags Catholic Central (8-5) missed a 38-yard field goal to open the third quarter but cut the deficit to 16-8 when Carson Meinholz hit Grant Alderman with a 21-yard touchdown pass, and Kyle Kresken ran for the conversion with 5:34 left. y
    Jacksonville Jaguars: Sen’Derrick Marks, defensive tackle, Vigor, Auburn; Carson Tinker, long snapper, Alabama. Reserve/injured: Deion Belue, cornerback, Deshler, Alabama. mulberry bags outlet “We go over there as a family, we have dinners together, everything is fine… now. He’s a great guy. Look, we fell in love with each other, we had a gorgeous child together. Some of my friends don’t even see their exes and they’ve got kids together.”

  6. gjzkgoqy |

    It is as much for the men as the ladies. How about a beautiful bespoke tailored waistcoat, with a crystal-encrusted collar! north face outlet But school officials say they have building needs that can’t wait any longer for action and that now may be the perfect time to address them. y
    Roberts, who noted Georgia will also be pushing for direct sales next year, said they’re not trying to tear down the three-tier system, end alcohol regulation “or anything like that.” arriving from all over Iraq and Syria.
    provided support to almost 11,000 households in the affected region, from immediate post-disaster relief to longer-term recovery initiatives, but will disengage at the end of October owing to the exhaustion of available funding. canada goose parka Twitter: @bjhallenbeck m
    In court papers, Texoma President Alan Ortloff blamed the company s financial trouble on a crop recession and mismanaged growth spurt that caused the company in fiscal year 2013 to swing to a loss of $4.42 million, from a profit of $12.2 million in fiscal year 2012. michael kors outlet online The recreational harvest season for FloridaÂ’s premier game fish, snook, opens Sept. 1 statewide. Unique to the region, snook are one of the many reasons Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World.
    a “It is clear that Australia held some money back in their aid budget for this contingency in this agreement,” said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch (HRW). “What it shows is a further politicization of foreign aid by Canberra, where projects are not determined by development needs but rather by political convenience.” gucci outlet online Can’t watch the video? Try instead. canada goose kensington parka
    The book, printed by August Publications, also includes a look at the league’s history and its forefathers, as well as lists of the best 50 major leaguers who have played in the Southern League and the 50 best players in league history who never hit it big. canada goose kensington parka The couple and their two small children stayed with “gracious friends” during the retrofit. Among the basic improvements: deep insulation in both the new roof and newly reinforced walls, triple-pane windows, more natural light and a more open plan for the living area.
    The plant s workforce already has shrunk from the 625 who were employed there in August of 2013, when it announced it would close at the end of this year. Currently there are 554 active employees. michael kors wallets Seventy isn t considered old anymore, he said. Seniors want to remain active and their expectation is that we ll provide activities to help them do that. x
    601 W. Hudson Road, Rogers canada goose parka 8.
    Another, less obvious, reason is that childcare workers have the shortest commute of all work categories. Typically, the wages of workers in residential communities is lower than that of corporations that recruit from longer distances, The social implications of the next observation has been an issue for decades; wages for that are considered traditionally women dominated fields tend to pay less for men and women. In the same way, occupations which are dominated by part-time employees also tend to be low-wage. canada goose parka Who would be your ideal fantasy passenger and where would you go?
    Tickets for this show can be purchased through the following website: Known to have one of the highest levels of paranormal activity in the United States, the former West Virginia Penitentiary was home to some of the most violent criminals (including Charles Manson) and many of them not only resided there but also died there. Many believe that the prisoners still haunt the Penitentiary to this day.
    The unlikely hero to the rescue is Anderson. Through eight games of the 2014 season, the stout 5-foot-8 tailback gained an unspectacular 82 yards. Total. Anderson patiently waited for his opportunity, as the Broncos ran the fool’s errands of trying to prove Montee Ball is a better draft choice than Eddie Lacy and Ronnie Hillman can be an every-down back in the NFL. north face sale online The quality of apprenticeships and technical education must improve so employers respect the qualification.
    x “I will be running the same one I have been running,” he said about his offense. “I just hope we can play a little defense.” canada goose kensington parka However, considering the $3.3 billion cost to shut down the plant, and to pay for those failed steam generators at the center of the closure, will be paid by ratepayers until 2022, it probably doesn’t seem like much of a refund.
    , the Irish have been in this position before, only to have a big let down. Notre Dame can prove their doubters wrong tonight with a win over No. 2 ranked Florida State on the road. The past has not been kind to the Irish when they face top teams on the road. Over the last 16 years, the Irish have not beaten a top five team, however if they break that streak tonight the sky could be the limit for the Irish. canada goose kensington parka I first met Dr. Scott DesJarlais when I changed primary doctors and chose him. I liked what he had to say and when he won the 4th District seat in 2010, I was pleasantly surprised. Ever since, he has held the line on issues I care about. He is the 3rd most conservative member in Congress and second most fiscally conservative in running his office budget. He may not be the most popular guy on the hill, but he stands strong on issues that are important to his rural constituents and he is great at communicating with them and getting their feedback. I can’t tell you how important that is for anyone in office. Keep connected, know your people. They will stand behind you when the mud starts slinging. Dr. D has survived two cycles of mud slinging and is at the end of his third round (my heart breaks for his wife and children every time, but they are solid, steadfast and true) and so far, each time, his constituents have got his back. That says something, because the mud is dark and deep. e canada goose kensington parka
    kAmk: 8 DC4l north face sale Copyright Tampa Bay Newspapers: All rights reserved.
    s Instead they were celebrating Hughes’s life, tragically cut short when he was struck by a bouncer last Tuesday at the SCG. canada goose kensington parka While it lacks excitement, the Pulsar offers a comfortable ride and you should arrive at your destination unflustered. f
    As�prepares to kick off its seventh and final season�Sunday, members of the cast and crew say they feel like they have a new show on their hands. First, there’s no will-they-or-won’t-they tension between Patrick Jane () and Teresa Lisbon () to grapple with, after that steamy kiss in the Season 6 finale. And, for the first time in the show’s history, the Red John storyline will not be lurking in the background.”Essentially this season is about what happens when life turns out the way you’d hoped it would, when you do have a happy ending,” creator told reporters on a conference call last week. “What happens after that? Jane and Lisbon have been engaged in this epic journey for six years. … How do you create a different kind of life? And how do you create a different relationship out of a relationship that was borne in the kind of trauma that theirs was? … It’s the last hurrah for the show.”So, what is in store for Lisbon and Jane? As they navigate the waters of their new relationship, it won’t always be smooth sailing for the couple, executive producer tells”They play both the highs and the lows and there are some lows in a way that’s absolutely believable,”�he says. “It is not a conventional TV rom-com relationship. They play it like two people who are really in love.”But don’t expect a lot of between-the-sheets action or bodice-ripping passion.”Season 7 is not�50 Shades of Grey�done by�The Mentalist,” Tunney promises. “It’s sort of interesting because they’re two people who don’t know how to be in a relationship. They’ve both been alone for such a long time. It’s exploring how two people who are adults, who’ve only been responsible for themselves and haven’t really shared their life with anybody in a long time, feel they] explore that intimacy. That it’s uncomfortable.”Page 2 of 4 – Adds Heller: “These two are never going to be�Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Both Jane and Lisbon are private, self-contained, protective people. … It’s that kind of filial affection that has turned into something more, which in turn makes the romance that much harder for both characters to negotiate. … You can see they’re made for each other not in a fiery, kind of crazy way, but just in a human, gentle, correct way.”Here are eight more teases to expect from the final 13 episodes:1. Bumps in the road for Jane and Lisbon:�Things get awkward around the office as Lisbon and Jane initially try to keep their relationship hidden from their colleagues. But that’s only the start of their troubles, according to Baker and Tunney. “We’re not exploring the sort of obvious other side of having a relationship in the workplace, but more the pitfalls and speed bumps that you’ll come up against when you know someone so well and then you decide to have a relationship with them,” Baker notes.�Adds Tunney:�”Up until caught Red John, that’s why he was there. He wasn’t fighting crime because it was something he was born to do or wanted to do. He didn’t want to work in law enforcement. It was settling this personal score. And now he’s there, and I think he’s wondering why he is there.”2. Pike’s not out of the picture:�One colleague who knows all too well what’s going on between Lisbon and Jane is Lisbon’s ex, Pike (). And he has an exchange with Jane in the season premiere that may present some challenges for the new couple.�”The danger of loving something is that you have something to lose, and that becomes very realistic to Jane,”Szentgyorgyi�notes. “In a weird way, the fact that he had nothing was a kind of defense. … Now he has something he cares about, and that means there is something that you can lose. And that’s something he hasn’t worried about since he was a husband and father.”�But Pike isn’t the only blast from the past that may rock the boat …3. Which familiar faces will be back?�Also returning is guest star as murderous matchmaker Erica Flynn, who will be back in an episode that finds Lisbon and Jane in Beirut. “She is stunning as always and complicates life for Lisbon and Jane and, as usual, has about six plans up her sleeve,”�Szentgyorgyi teases.Page 3 of 4 – 4. What about Rigsby and Van Pelt?�As for Rigsby () and Van Pelt (), it’s unclear whether they will be back, though Yeoman that he hoped they would be. “They were a huge part of the show,” Szentgyorgyi acknowledges, but adds: “I have no teasers to offer on that front.”5. Is Red John buried for good?�The short answer: yes. “There is no callback to the Red John mythology. Red John’s gone,”Szentgyorgyi says.�”The thing that lives is … when you lose your wife and child, however you lose them, that doesn’t go away. That stays with you. Jane’s still that man, and that does come into play in his relationship with Lisbon and the challenges he faces starting a new relationship. But no, there are no more smiley faces.” 6. What we learn about Abbott:�FBI Agent Dennis Abbott’s () past will come back to haunt him in a major way over a three-episode arc that also features guest stars as a DEA agent “who knows a bit too much about Abbott’s past” and as Abbott’s wife. “We’re going to meet Abbott’s wife, and we’re going to learn about some dark things in his past,” Szentgyorgyi says.�”His wife gets an opportunity in Washington, D.C. She lives in Austin but she’s been given a chance to take on a big job in Washington, D.C., and that creates various complications.”7. A new rookie on the scene:� joins the�Mentalist cast this season as rookie FBI agent Michelle Vega, who experiences quite a learning curve in her dealings with Jane. “Vega is new to the FBI,”�Szentgyorgyi says. “She doesn’t know about Jane, she has no preconceptions, no idea how he works or who he is. … In moving to the FBI, we sort of created a world where Jane wasn’t quite as frictional. He was brought in to do what he does. Which has been great. It’s sort of allowed us to play stories that were harder to play when we were in the CBI. But it’s also meant that everyone is kind of accustomed to him. We wanted to bring in a character who didn’t know his ways, who might even cast an askance glance at them. And that’s exactly who Vega is.” Also, teases Heller, “she adds a different touch of romance to the show. There’s a bit of a love triangle going on there.” Page 4 of 4 – 8. No more Fischer:�Not returning to the show, however, is , who was introduced last season to play FBI agent Kim Fischer. As explained in a throwaway line in the premiere, Fischer has relocated to Seattle. “We won’t see any more with her,”�Szentgyorgyi says.The Mentalist�kicks off Season 7�on Sunday�at 9:30/8:30c on CBS. Are you looking forward to the show’s return? And are you excited that Lisbon and Jane finally got together?(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS.)View original at Other Links From michael kors purses (Courtesy of Jim Unland.)Related StoriesNov 7:Nov 1:Oct 20:Oct 17: north face sale
    b2ZmZXJzIGVhc3kgaGlnaHdheSBhY2Nlc3MuIFRoZSBnb2FsIGlzIHRvIGltcHJvdmUgdGhlIHBh Die Langstrecke wird am Montag noch abgefertigt, wird aber Dienstag komplett stillstehen. Mit Streikende am Mittwochmorgen stünden im Ausland die Flugzeuge bereit, um den Langstreckenverkehr möglichst rasch hochfahren zu können, hieß es bei der . Flüge der Lufthansa-Tochter Germanwings sind von dem Streik nicht betroffen. Auch am Mittwoch fallen dem Sonderflugplan zufolge noch einzelne Flüge aus. a
    Sophomore went 1-for-2 at the plate and drove in one run. Senior and freshman each went 1-for-3 at the plate. Senior , who scored one run, and sophomore , who drove in one run, each finished 1-for-1 at the plate. Junior also went 1-for-1 at the plate. The crabcake ($18) was well-seasoned and crisp, but the quail starter ($12) was overcooked and chewy in places. The worst instance of overcooking, however, was the scallop spiedini ($27). The interior of each plump scallop was passable, but one was burned black on the outside, the other nearly so. Served skewered, they came with trumpet mushrooms, cipollini onion, bacon and a marmalade reduction. Sadly, I could taste nothing but an acrid smoky flavor and a too-sweet sauce.
    Mr Tohti, widely seen as a passionate but moderate voice in pushing for the rights of his fellow Uighurs, was jailed for life in September in a sentence labelled by rights groups as unprecedentedly severe for a prominent rights activist in China. michael kors wallets There was no mention ofthe incident onthe web site ofthe , whose motto reads: For you we chose thebest. FromJapan toEurope. t canada goose parka
    The Alabama brain trust for the offense has coach Nick Saban talking to coordinator Lane Kiffin and his quarterback, Blake Sims, whose playmaking ability will be crucial Saturday against archrival Auburn. (Vasha Hunt/ “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”: Even though this 2013 sequel essentially replays the games, it is an improvement over the original. Director Francis Lawrence accentuates the gloomy mood and gives Katniss meatier things to do as she’s plagued by bad dreams and living a nightmare while she tangles with President Snow (Donald Sutherland). Power ranking: 1.

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